Houston Outlaws will also be hosting a live event in early July

The news follows the Dallas Fuel's in-person homestand announcement.

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Yesterday, we reported that the Dallas Fuel would be hosting an in-person event at its Overwatch League Homestand event in early July. Set to showcase the battle for Texas, where the Fuel play the Houston Outlaws, the event will only be seeing the Fuel physically take the stage, as the Outlaws will not be attending in person.

But now, we can also report that the Houston Outlaws will also be hosting an in-person event in early July, an event that will include watch parties for the Outlaws matches over July 8-9. The catch is that the Outlaws will not be physically playing at the in-person event, but will be attending after the games to partake in Q&As and meet and greets. The event will of course be following strict health and safety guidelines, including attendees requiring proof of vaccination.

You can check out the full schedule for the event below, which seems to be marking the start of the Overwatch League looking to return to physical events.

Houston Outlaws

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