Chengdu Hunters are parting ways with Elsa

After almost three years with the team, the tank player is retiring from the team.

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As we're around the halfway point for the 2021 Overwatch League season, we've seen a few roster changes over the last couple of weeks. The Chinese team, Chengdu Hunters are next to join in on that, as they have recently revealed that Luo "Elsa" Wenjie will be leaving after almost three years at the organisation.

The announcement post states, "After friendly communication and negotiation, based on respect and the willings of the players, we hereby announce: Chengdu Hunters No.3 player, Wenjie "Elsa" Luo, officially retires from the team."

Elsa originally joined the Hunters back in November 2018, and has stuck with the team ever since. There has been no mention as to whether Elsa will be retiring from competitive Overwatch, but as the post also notes, "Now he chooses to stop and take a break from this long journey", it does seem like Elsa will be taking a step back from the esports scene.

Chengdu Hunters

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