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Shakedown Hawaii

ESRB rating spotted or Shakedown Hawaii on Wii U

The Wii U might have another game to add to the library, which is a surprising development indeed.

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We're not used to hearing about the Wii U much these days, as the successor to the Wii wasn't exactly Nintendo's most popular console, with all attention being diverted to the much more successful Switch once that released, but now a new rating has been spotted for another Wii U game.

This ESRB rating was reported by Siliconera, and shows Shakedown Hawaii listed for the console, which is even more unusual considering it's already been released on the Switch and 3DS, not to mention PC, PS Vita, and PS4.

It may well be one of the last Wii U games we see, since most of the best games from the console have been ported to Switch, with developers foregoing the console in favour of the hybrid that Nintendo launched in 2017.

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Shakedown Hawaii

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