Everwild seems to be at least five years into development

A rumour seems to suggest so.

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Rare revealed their upcoming Everwild during the X019 event in November 2019. Since then, we've only received one new glimpse of it during the Xbox Series X showcase last summer. Not much is known about the game, although Rare has said that we should expect something "the world hasn't seen before".

Almost to the day a year ago, we reported that it actually seemed to be further into the development than one might think, with proof that the development to some extent started in 2017. But a Twitter user with elf eyes matching Legolas, has now noticed proof that the Everwild development actually started more than five years ago, with active development since 2019.

There have been rumours claiming that Everwild could be years away, but hopefully these finding could mean that it isn't as far off as some have feared.


Thanks, Pure Xbox.

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