"Everything you see" in Chernobylite exists in reality

Creative director Wojciech Pazdur talked to us at Gamescom about recreating the exclusion zone.

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Chernobylite is a game that - as you may have expected from the name - takes us to the area of Chernobyl, which suffered a major nuclear catastrophe in 1986. We got our first look at the game earlier this year after its announcement in 2018, and at Gamescom last week we spoke with creative director Wojciech Pazdur about how they're bringing this iconic location to life in the world of games once more.

"Chernobylite is a survival horror, and is more survival than horror," he explained. "This is a game about the people who have so [many] mysteries to discover in the exclusion zone of Chernobyl, and they need to stay alive to discover all of them."

"We are using photogrammetry and laser scanning to recreate the exclusion zone pixel by pixel or model by model. Everything you see in the game is the actual recreation of some objects that really exist in the world, that really exist in Chernobyl. We go there every two or three months, having a trip of some people from our team. We are taking lasers, cameras, drones, and we are capturing a lot of data. Then we are spending quite a long time processing this and making part of our game."

If you're interested in the game be sure to check out the full interview below, as well as the new Gamescom trailer as well.

Do you want to explore Chernobyl in the virtual world?


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