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Rocket League

Evil Geniuses are returning to Rocket League

The team already has a roster.

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Following a two year hiatus from the scene, Evil Geniuses are making their return to competitive Rocket League, as the organisation has acquired the team German Amigos, netting three players, a coach, and a manager.

The team now consists of Leonardo "Catalysm" Christ Ramos, Ivan "ivn" Sabri and Riccardo "Rizex45" Mazzott as active players, Kuno "Mumen" Hildebrandt as the coach, and Simon "arise" Arnautovic as the team's manager.

"This roster of young and talented players deserves to be backed up by one of the best organizations in the industry and we believe our team will compete with the best right out the gate," said Danny Engels, gaming excellence director at EG. "We didn't enter Rocket League just to passively compete; we are here to win championships."

Evil Geniuses will be making its re-entry into Rocket League in the Rocket League Championship Series on October 15-17, where it will debut its new team decals, which you can see below.

Rocket League

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