Evil Geniuses move away from Overwatch

Their team have departed the organisation.

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Evil Geniuses have announced that they are releasing their entire Overwatch team and that all of them are now free agents, giving the following paragraph to explain the decision:

"This comes after a dialogue where the result was one that both the roster and EG management felt was beneficial for all parties involved. Despite a strong early showing, players within the team felt that their synergy was not what it needed to be in order to progress, and requested their release."

Peter Dager, the CEO of the organisation, had this to say on the move: "It's unfortunate to see the guys going, but I'm excited to see what is next for them as they grow along with Overwatch. Talented and passionate players have always found homes here at EG and this team was full of them. I wish all of the guys the best of luck as they embark on the next journey of their esports careers."

What's interesting, though, is that they have stressed this is not the end of their interest in competitive Overwatch, and that they'll be keeping an eye on the scene as it develops.

A lot of organisations have dropped their Overwatch teams this year, including Team Dignitas and CompLexity Gaming, just to name a few, and this has led to some speculating it could be to do with the Overwatch League. We don't know for sure what's causing all these organisations to move away from Overwatch, but either way, Evil Geniuses is the latest to add to this list.

Where could the team go from here?

Photo: Evil Geniuses

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