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Evil Geniuses win big at ESL One New York

The new faces of CS:GO made a mark at the event, defeating Astralis in the final to lift the trophy.

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The yearly ESL One New York CS:GO competition has taken place this past weekend, and it might come as a surprise to hear that Evil Geniuses are the winners, taking down Danish giants Astralis in the grand final of the event.

In Group B EG actually came top with a perfect record, beating FaZe and Astralis 2-0 each, while Astralis beat OpTic twice to make sure they stayed in the competition, facing Group A leaders Team Liquid in the playoffs, who they beat 2-1 to get a spot in the final.

EG, however, defeated G2 2-0 to get their spot, starting off the rematch with Astralis with a 16-3 sweep on Inferno. Dust II ended up 16-12 to them as well, and while Train was a close 22-20 win for Astralis, EG sealed the deal with a final 16-8 win on Nuke.

The Evil Geniuses roster has a lot of big names, having only been signed on September 26. Former Cloud9 and MIBR player Tarik 'Tarik' Celik is among the names, and all of these players have come from the former NRG Esports roster.

Did you expect EG to win?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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