Kingdom Hearts III

Expect "off-screen stabbings/impaling" in Kingdom Hearts III

The ESRB rating has been revealed.

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Despite featuring Disney characters and worlds, fans know that the Kingdom Heart series hides some truly dark plots and villains (and if you didn't know, just get up to date before KHIII with our exclusive in-depth Gamereactor Retrospective of the whole series), and now the ESRB description of Kingdom Heart 3 has emerged, revealing that the new game will keep that interesting contrast intact.

The rating summary, as available at the official site of the American classification board, reads as follows:

"This is an action role-playing game in which players follow Sora and his friends as they battle an evil force. From a third-person perspective, players explore Disney-themed worlds, gain cartoon-character allies, and battle shadowy creatures along the way. Players use key-shaped swords, whimsical magic attacks, and special powers/attack moves (e.g., blasts of water, cartoony blasters) to defeat enemies in frenetic combat. Some sequences allow players to pilot robots or small ships that shoot projectiles at enemies from a first-person perspective. A handful of cutscenes depict off-screen stabbings/impaling of protagonist characters".

The description includes the aforementioned "shadowy creatures" and the main "evil force", but also some shocking "stabbings/impaling of protagonist characters", even though they seem to happen "off-screen". Based on all this, the board understands it's a game suitable for all audiences as long as they're 10 years old or older.

What do you think of the darker sequences in the Kingdom Hearts games?

Kingdom Hearts III

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