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Expect to hear more about Halo Infinite in a few weeks

This is according to Community Director Brian Jarrard.

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Things didn't end up well for 343 Industries when it revealed Halo Infinite gameplay in July and disappointed the fans - something that ultimately led to a major delay of the game (which originally was supposed to be launched by now) until next year.

But fortunately, there will be more information about the game released later this year, although it won't be a part of The Game Awards. This was confirmed on Reddit by 343 Industries' Community Director Brian Jarrard, who wrote:

"Right now we're still going through the huge cascade of implications and ramifications to the release shift and the team is heads down working through nearly every facet of the game. Full disclosure we don't have anything planned for the VGAs, but are hoping to offer at least a high level update within the next few weeks so we can kind of restart this journey together after the holidays. Pulling together something like a demo or big beat for the VGAs is an enormous amount of work and would cause challenges with current milestones of the holidays. I know it's hard to wait, but the team is going to make the most of this extra time and we want to make sure we can put our best foot forward and commit to greater transparency and dialog on the road ahead. We'll get there and get the train going again."

Exactly what this "high level update" means remains to be seen, but at least we'll get the answer to that in a few weeks time. Hopefully, 343 Industries will be able to tell us when Halo Infinite will be released, and maybe what it is doing to the game with all the extra time it got from the delay.

Halo Infinite

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