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F1 2020

F1 Esports Series returns August 27

The fourth season is set to kick off with the "Pro Draft Reveal Show."

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The fourth season of the F1 Esports Series will make its debut on August 27 and will take place completely remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The competition is set to commence with the "Pro Draft Reveal Show" on August 27. This event will see the 10 official F1 teams showcase just who they have selected from the group of 45 qualifying players. Each team is required to select at least one qualifier here, which we imagine will be a dream come true for those who get selected.

A staggering 237,000 players reportedly signed up for the competition, which will offer a grand prize pool of $750,000. This marks an 118% increase from the previous year and demonstrates just how much interest has grown in F1 esports.

Frank Sagnier, Codemasters CEO, said :"The appetite for F1® content has never been greater. We saw tremendous success from the Virtual Grand Prix Series, and that momentum has carried through to the launch of F1® 2020. It's now time for the esports professionals to rise to the challenge. The 2020 F1 Esports Series presented by Aramco promises to be the most exciting and competitive to date. We can't wait for the virtual racing to begin."

Thanks, European Gaming.

F1 2020

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