Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Faceit London Major draws 1 million concurrent users

It's officially the most viewed esports event ever hosted in the UK.

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Faceit just confirmed that the CS:GO London Major, which took place over the weekend and saw Astralis win the biggest prize on the Counter-Strike calendar, attracted more than 1 million concurrent viewers, with the grand final taking place at the 10K capacity SSE Arena in London on Sunday.

The arena itself was sold out on the final day, and over the whole week, those in attendance were joined by over 57 million views on Twitch (with 61 million hours watched). Thus Faceit can now lay claim to being the fastest-growing channel on Twitch, ahead of Ninja. The Major was broadcast across 15 territories around the world, and even Sky Sports got in on the action and showed competitive Counter-Strike for the very first time.

"We're extremely proud to have hosted our first Major and thanks to the dedication and passion of the team we were able to bring the event to so many fans watching at home, and in so many territories. The passionate crowd at Wembley showed the love the UK market has for esports, we're thrilled to have brought the Major to London and we will continue to improve and serve the community," said company co-founder and CBO Michele Attisani.

"Hosting a Major was an enormous milestone for us. The finals actually marked the sixth year anniversary of Faceit's first ever stream when the company was founded in 2012 which really brought it home just how far we've come."

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Joe Brady

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