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Faceit Minor viewership breaks records

The European Minor alone was a huge success.

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Esports tournament organiser Faceit has revealed the viewing figures for July's Minor competitions, allowing teams to qualify for the London Major in September, with total hours across the four regions hosted amounting to over 6.4 million, excluding Chinese viewership, meaning it was three times the number of hours watched for the last Minors. The Europe Minors alone saw 4.3 million hours watched, with a peak of 147,000 concurrent views and 82,000 average viewers, again excluding Chinese viewership.

"We wanted to give the Faceit Minors a big tournament feel and the teams really responded and raised their game. The viewership for the entire circuit has completely exceeded our expectations which is a testament to the level of CS:GO we've seen throughout," said Michele Attisani, Faceit Co-Founder & CBO. "We've also had awesome feedback from players on the tournament as a whole and Twickenham have really pulled out all the stops for us, we can't wait to return in September for the next leg of the Major."

Did you watch the Minors?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Faceit

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