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Faceit reveals all teams heading to their Minor competitions

Spots at the Major are up for grabs.

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Esports tournament organiser Faceit has revealed the CS:GO teams due to compete in Minor competitions this month after closed qualifiers, with the highest placed teams from Europe, Asia, Americas, and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) regions getting the chance to play at these Minors to earn places in the London Major in September. Below you can see the full list of teams for each Minor:

Americas Minor (July 7-11):

  • NRG Esports

  • NTC

  • Furia

  • Rogue

  • eUnited

  • Swole Patrol

  • Complexity

  • Team Dignitas

CIS Minor (July 10-13):


  • HellRaisers

  • Monolith

  • Nemiga


  • Team Spirit

  • forZe

  • pro100

Asia Minor (July 16-20):

  • Uniquestars

  • VGFG



  • Signature

  • Tainted Minds

  • TyLoo

  • Renegades

EU Minor (July 19-22):

  • Kinguin

  • NiP

  • ENCE

  • LeftOut

  • OpTic

  • Red Reserve

  • Sprout

  • 3DMAX

If you need reminding, each region will compete at Twickenham Stadium in London for a prize pool as well as a spot at the Major, and only general admission tickets are left right now, which you can find here. The venue will host practice rooms, stages, a gym, and much more to keep the action going too.

Who can do well in these Minors?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Faceit

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