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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys' party-themed sixth season is set to introduce five new rounds and 25 costumes

A Sack Boy limited-time event is also on the way.

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Mediatonic has just spilled the beans on Fall Guys' party-themed sixth season. In the very near future, fans can look forward to five new rounds, 25 new costumes, and a limited-time Sack Boy event. Season Six is also set to introduce new features such as cross-platform progression between PC and PS4 and the return of custom usernames.

The first of these new rounds is called Party Promenade, and it will see you duck and dive to avoid water balloon cannons and traverse through vacuum tubes. Full Tilt is said to feature 360° see-saws, which are sure to knock players off their balance, and Airtime tasks players with staying in the air for as long as possible by swinging on trapezes and jumping across rotating platforms. Finally, Pipe Dream is a frantic rush to the finish line across a maze of vacuum tubes, and Leading Light sees players battle to be within the spotlight.

You can find out more details about Fall Guys Season 6 here.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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