Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys Season 3 is taking to the ice December 15

New emotes, costumes, and stages are on their way.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's winter-themed Season 3 has been announced at The Game Awards to be arriving on December 15. The new season is set to introduce over 30 new skins and seven new levels. A press release that we received after the reveal also detailed that further details will be coming soon via the PlayStation Blog and IGN.

During The Game Show we were treated to a new trailer, and this was backed with the popular track 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.' Within this trailer we saw competitors push giant snowballs, scramble to capture robot penguins, and also figure skate on the ice?! We were also shown a glimpse at a few other costumes that weren't previously revealed. These included a polar bear outfit and a narwhal costume.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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