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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys Season 6 is getting revealed on November 23

Get ready to see some new rounds and costumes.

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Mediatonic has revealed that Season 6 of Fall Guys will be detailed on November 23. Starting at 17:00 GMT/ 18:00 CET on YouTube, the developer plans to share information on upcoming costumes, rounds, and features. Season 6's release date will also be shared here; we have our bets on it being December 1, as Season 5 ends November 30.

After Season 5 took us to the jungle, it appears that Season 6 will be taking place in an old-fashioned circus setting. The teaser image below shows what appears to be a circus ring leader and a bean dressed to the eyeballs in battle armour. A press release that we received also states: "Fall Guys Season 6 really promises to be a carnival of Crowns!"

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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