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Far Cry 3: Interview

While that latest trailer is still sizzling our senses, it leaves plenty of unanswered questions: Gamereactor's Kristian fired a barrage of questions to game director Patrik Methe to unearth some solid facts about Far Cry 3.

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Can you point out some examples on things you weren't satisfied with from Far Cry 2, and how you'll improve those aspects in Far Cry 3?

Far Cry 2 was a great game, and we tried to keep all the best elements of it while improving on a few key areas. We focused on improving the mission variety, the impact of the player's action on the world, the different types of enemy units you'll be facing, and the variety of things you can do in the open world.

For mission variety, we go from all-out action missions to more tactical missions where you need to protect someone or accomplish a specific task. We even have out-of-this-world exotic missions that will totally surprise you. For the enemy units, you'll be facing a large variety of enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In order to be successful, you'll have to adapt your approach and choice of tactics based on the enemies you're facing.

Far Cry 3

How will you mix open world gameplay with a more linear mission-based experience?

One word: value. Exploring the island is fun in itself but we made sure that each thing you do or discover while roaming in the open world brings real value to the player.

When we talk about value, we talk about making the player stronger, faster and more efficient. As Jason spends more time on the island, he learns how to survive and adapt to the environment. New skills are learned to help him fight his way through captors and rescue his friends. The player is free to stick solely to the single player campaign if they want to and they'll have a fantastic adventure.

However, they'll most likely enjoy roaming around on the island to discover ancient mysteries, to face deadly situations, to help natives in trouble, to hunt a wide array of animals, and to gather exotic plants because each and every one of these actions will reward him in one way or another.

In a shooter like this, AI is crucial. Will the AI show us something we've never seen before - something new?

One of the things that set the Far Cry franchise apart from other shooters on the market is that we're an open-world game. From the very beginning of the project, one of the key elements for the team was to come up with a AAA shooter experience set in an island begging to be explored.

This means our goal is to create AI as polished as the ones you see in popular linear shooters while ensuring that the enemies can tackle all the different situations you encounter in an open-world game, and this, in a systemic way.

The AI isn't scripted and thus it will react and adapt tactics based on the knowledge it has in a given situation. They can use vehicles, react to diversion, trigger alarms, disarm bombs you placed, search for you, protect an area, retreat to defensive positions, fight against other NPCs, fight against aggressive animals, etc.

Far Cry 3

Will there be a hardcore-mode - were you only have one life and the save game file is erased if you die?

Are you talking about the Insane mode?

What kind of weapons and vehicles will be in the game, and will there be customizable weapons like in Crysis? Silencer on, silencer off, silencer on, silencer off...

We have a strong suite of weapons, each of them customizable with different attachments. One of our key focuses is to make sure that each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages so that you play with your full arsenal. Also, we want the player to use different weapons for different situations. There are even some "exotic" weapons that will be a blast for the player as they allow you to do some nasty things to your opponents. I can't tell much more but stay tuned...

At this point, what is the one thing about Far Cry 3 you're most satisfied with?

To be honest, there's not one specific thing I'm most satisfied with. The real satisfaction comes from seeing this enormous amount of features coming together to build a never-before-seen experience. A gorgeous island with multiple environments, a deep and rich campaign, an insane cast of characters, the freedom to roam in the open world to discover dozens of things to do, vehicles to drive, animals to hunt, treasures to find, the satisfaction of becoming stronger, faster and deadlier as you progress in the game, all of this with the AAA shooter feeling you normally only see in linear shooters. That's a huge undertaking and that's what FC3 is all about.


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