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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6's Joseph expansion to land on Tuesday

It'll be framed around Far Cry 5's antagonist and is coming a month after the Pagan Min expansion.

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Even though we only got Far Cry 6's expansion based on Far Cry 4's antagonist, Pagan Min (Control) a month ago, Ubisoft has already set a date for when the expansion framed around Far Cry 5's big baddie, Joseph Seed, will debut.

Coming next week, on Tuesday to be precise, Collapse will allow players to jump into the shoes of Joseph for what we assume will be a similar roguelike style of expansion that asks you to gather specific items to escape from Joseph's own mind.

In a press release, we're told that the DLC will be playable in co-op, and that it will feature a Buddy Pass, so that owners of the expansion can bring in a friend, who does not own it, to play alongside them.

As was the case with Control and Vaas Montenegro's Insanity, this expansion will be available for Season Pass owners, and to mark its launch, Far Cry 6 is currently 40% off on all digital stores, with the Season Pass being 25% off as well.

Far Cry 6

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