Fast RMX

Fast RMX on Switch offers 1080p 60fps with 4-player splitscreen

Developer Shin'en Multimedia details the benefits of Nintendo's new hardware.

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Fast Racing Neo on Wii U was arguably one of the more impressive Wii U titles from a technical perspective, and so in our interview with Shin'en Multimedia's Manfred Linzner we asked how Switch compares to that:

"On Wii U it was tough to get to the visuals we wanted at 60fps. We had to use a lot of tricks to make it happen at all. For instance, on Wii U we were able to pull off two player split-screen racing at 720p and 60fps. Not bad at all, but with three or four players we had to scale down 30fps. Well, most racing games today don't even feature split-screen at all, so we didn't felt too bad about it. However, on the Switch we didn't had that limit. On Nintendo Switch in TV mode we now have four player split-screen, at 1080p and 60fps with much more details enabled. For worst case scenarios we enable dynamic resolution scaling to make sure the game keeps 60fps in unforeseen situations, tho that's usually not something you can spot."

Check out the full interview with Linzner for more details on Fast RMX and Shin'en's thoughts on the new hardware.

Fast RMX

Fast RMX doesn't have a firm release date at this point in time, but it is expected to be released during the Switch launch window.

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