Fe announced as part of the EA Originals program

The next game from Zoink gets time during EA Play, trailer, screens and details within.

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During today's EA press conference, Patrick Söderlund announced EA Originals, a program inspired by the passion shown by the developer of Unravel.

"EA Originals is based on three things," Patrick Söderlund said during the conference. "Firstly, it's about taking first time experiences that are unique, gorgeous, innovative and memorable and bringing them to the world. Secondly, it's about supporting small developers and helping them make the most of their games. Thirdly, it's about funding and offering a level of security."

The program intends to seek out independent developers each year and provide them support in all areas, from funding to marketing. Importantly, all of the profit from the games in this program will go back to the developers, allowing them to keep creating games in the future.

The first game in the EA Originals program to be announced is Fe, a unique game coming from Zoink Games (Zombie Vikings). The game is themed around nature, and as you play through it you will encounter many diverse and strange creatures that will teach you songs that give you new abilities.

We've got screens and a trailer, as well as a few impressions from the GR team in LA, who tell us that it's inspired by growing up in the Swedish forests (so it's got that in common with Unravel), and that it's a concept Zoink came up with around five years ago, but other projects got in between. The studio started working on it properly late last year (September) - and hope to have it out next year. Apparently there's also an early prototype of the game hidden in Zoink's last game, Zombie Vikings.


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