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FEH-Pass brings paid-for benefits to Fire Emblem Heroes

If you're still playing FEH then the recently announced paid subscription may be of interest.

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Last month, we reported that Nintendo's mobile games have raised a total of $1 billion for the company. Some of this revenue comes from those playing Fire Emblem Heroes, which first launched back in 2017.

At the weekend, Nintendo announced a subscription model that offers these paying fans some additional benefits. In an extensive new video diary, the developer presents five advantages of the premium membership, and naturally it's done via a speaking owl:

  1. Resplendent Heroes: Twice a month, subscribers receive a familiar hero in a new guise. Visually and acoustically there are differences in the design patterns, and their stats values are also higher than usually.

  2. Special quests are offered twice a month and they throw off large quantities of valuable premium items.

  3. You can choose three supporters instead of one.

  4. Re-Act: A rewind feature that allows you to undo your last actions. You either get back to the beginning of a round or jump back to the beginning of the last turn (if you have not yet acted). You cannot use Re-Act in Coliseum or the Aether Raids, but otherwise there are only a few limitations.

  5. Auto-Start: This allows subscribers to automatically repeat missions (and gain benefits) they already completed as often as they like. The feature devours stamina as usual, but you no longer have to play yourself. Auto-Start is available in Training Tower, Tempest Trails+ and Forging Bonds.

FEH Pass owners can also buy Resplendent Heroes that are no longer available if they do not access them in time or if their membership was not currently active. You pay $9.49/month (EU prices are not yet known) for the service and it will reach Fire Emblem Heroes on February 5, when the version 4.2 will apply.

Fire Emblem Heroes

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