Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

FF: Crystal Chronicles Remastered MP exclusive to dungeons

Not only will you not be able to play offline: matchmaking will be restricted to specific areas.

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Earlier this week, Square Enix confirmed that the upcoming Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered would not offer offline co-op, even though that was the main highlight of the Gamecube's original in 2003. If that wasn't enough bad news for fans, now users have learned that the multiplayer feature will be further limited, as matchmaking will only happen in dungeons.

Even though gathering together with some friends with their respective Nintendo Switch to play together locally over wi-fi connection sounded fun, it is true that we're living times of confinement and anyway online gaming is more widespread than ever (certainly more than it was the case on the Gamecube). The more serious problem comes when the world and town exploration cannot be shared with friends or randoms when the whole game was designed as a co-op experience (and when this could make advanced item hunting much more complicated).

While we wait for an official explanation by S-E, these Japanese screenshots by respected localiser Robert Sephazon show how you "select an area, type of exploration (artefact hunting, beating a boss, etc), how many players you need and if you want to play with anyone or friends only".

What do you think about Square-Enix's approach on the remastered S-RPG?

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