Final Fantasy VII: Remake

FFVII: Remake director on what's new and what's not

Hamaguchi-san talks to Gamereactor about why it's hard to put a number on how much of the content in the remake of Final Fantasy VII is new.

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23 years after the original landed on PS1, fans already know Final Fantasy VII: Remake will add some brand-new content, events, and story situations when it releases on April 10 for PS4. The question remains, however, just how much of that content will be new?

That tricky question was put to game director Naoki Hamaguchi during an interview with Gamereactor, which we recorded in Madrid last week. Here's what he had to say:

"[Laughing] It really is a difficult thing to put a percentage on it. We don't really think about it like that, like this is new content, this is old content. Now I'll explain to you why, because the methodology that we use and the philosophy of designing the remake, everything is really based on the original FF7, and all of the elements within that which is so great when it first came out.

"But we were thinking of... How we can show those in a new way to a modern audience? What's the best way of showing those in a way that will resonate with a new audience of gamers? Obviously because after twenty years have past we've got so much more we can do with the technology, the capacity for storytelling and depicting characters and stories is so much greater now.

"So, if we look at it and say, well maybe the best way we take one element, for example, the characters or the story or whatever, and look at that: what's the best way we can show that to a modern audience? And if we feel that well maybe changing it in some way would make what we wanted to show originally come across in a better way to the new audience. We think ok, maybe we should change.

"So," he continued, "we're not trying to alter the content, we're trying to see what's the best way of showing that to new fans. And in that way that makes it very difficult to put a percentage on what's new and what's not."

For fans interested in new content and lore of the series, it's also worth noting how FFVII:R relates to Compilation of Final Fantasy VII in a very interesting way, as explained by Yoshinori Kitase to Gamereactor.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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