FIFA 15: Best 60+ goals so far in 2015

Some could happen in real life, some likely not...

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The huge and rather active community currently enjoying FIFA 15 has some really skilled players, and some of them are submitting their best goals to EA, so they can show off their incredible feats and be highlighted in the official YouTube channel.

EA is now making a weekly recap with the best of the best, and here we have gathered the 9 weekly tops (which features around 7-8 goals per clip) published so far in 2015, which makes for 60+ impressive goals for your viewing pleasure.

Of course, some of them seem pretty unrealistic, but fun nonetheless. Which are your favourites? You can share your own best goals with Gamereactor community by using our own Gamereactor User TV gameplay upload feature.

If you want to submit your spectacular goal to EA, just fill in this form.


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