FIFA 16 to be added to EA Access shortly

EA's football giant is heading to the Vault.

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EA has announced the next game to be released for its popular service, EA Access, available for PC and Xbox One, and this new title is none other than the six-month-old FIFA 16. If you have EA Access, you will also get a 10% discount on all digital downloads from EA, which includes everything surrounding Ultimate Team (such as card packs).

FIFA 16 will be added April 19, and is the 19th game for the so called Vault (and the 17th for the PC edition, called Origin Access). EA Access costs €5/£3.99 per month or €30/£19.99 for a full year. This gives you a one week head start on all EA games, access to all titles in the Vault and a 10% discount on everything from EA.

Check out our review of FIFA 16 via this link, and below you can see some gameplay from one of our many matches in this challenging soccer simulator.


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