FIFA 17 vs PES 2017: Barça vs Manchester City

Check out what the highly anticipated match as played in the two major football games.

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Last month saw the release of both Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 from Konami and FIFA 17 from EA Sports. Both have received some fixes, patches and roster updates since then, so the experience has improved somewhat since launch.

That's the reason why we wanted to recreate the highly anticipated Champions League match where FC Barcelona take on Manchester City, so that you can compare graphics and other details from both games.

The PES 2017 match soon favours the home team, with an unstoppable Suárez who's also taking the free kicks (same as of late in real life). Beware his amazing first goal, Busquet's sluggish performance or Neymar's attempts that are full of magic. In this game you'll also notice the official UCL atmosphere and graphics, along with the real Camp Nou stadium, which are exclusive to PES:


The FIFA 17 fixture is much more evenly matched thanks to the new limited stamina system. And while it's impossible to capture gameplay at Camp Nou with Champions League graphics (we've chosen the Etihad instead), it's just as capable when conveying the morbid curiosity of seeing Bravo, Nolito and Pep Guardiola's return to Barcelona, as even though the goalkeeper doesn't look that good, the coach is exclusive to FIFA.


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