FIFA 18's Champions Cup Barcelona marred by PSN issues

This weekend's PSN outages severely disrupted play.

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Yesterday we reported that 16-year-old FIFA player Donovan 'DhTekKz' Hunt had won the first Champions Cup tournament, the first stop on the road to the eWorld Cup, a much larger tournament coming later this year, but as reported by our colleagues at Gamereactor Spain, this competition caught headlines for another reason as well, as the outages PlayStation Network suffered severely disrupted play.

If you're a PlayStation player you'll no doubt have heard that PSN suffered a lot of issues over the weekend, especially in regards to playing online and seeing friends, meaning that the PlayStation division (as the tournament had a division for PS4 and Xbox) had huge delays and even forced matches to be played on Xbox instead.

Despite the matches being played locally, the online play was necessary given the configuration of the FIFA 18 Global Series - the overarching competition these events are part of - and was extra inconvenient when you consider that this was an event 'presented on PS4' (in line with the recent change of marketing agreement with EA).

Fellow finalist Nicolas 'nicolas99fc' Villalba also took to Twitter to talk about the disruptions, and how it actually put him at a disadvantage. "I still do not believe today ... I do not know how to go round after round but I managed it, today I could be the PS4 champion, it's a shame to be at a disadvantage in the Grand Final," he wrote.

How do you think this problem can be solved if PSN issues were to crop up again?


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