FIFA 22 gameplay shows off improvements

But are we the only ones kind of concerned about the focus on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series?

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We haven't exactly received little information about FIFA 22 the last four weeks, so it's understandable if some of you have missed some of the improvements EA has revealed. Then it's a good thing that most of them are gathered in today's trailer.

The so-called gameplay trailer details many of the improvements FIFA 22 will include thanks to the new HyperMotion technology. This includes far more fluid and realistic player movement, authentic physical duels and team composition. Top that with a new keeper system, better ball physics, off-ball body language and movement, "bigger" goal celebrations and a few other things, and it sounds like FIFA 22 is making some changes and improvements that the fans have been waiting for, even if Ricardo has his concerns.

One area I share his concern on is the fact that HyperMotion only applies to the PS5 and Xbox Series versions, so it's interesting, and maybe a bit worrisome, that EA spends most of the time talking about and showcasing that when most players will be on the other platforms. What do you think?


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