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FIFA Street goes social

EA announces Street Network.

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EA has today announced that FIFA Street will support a community called Street Network, which they hope will encourage social competition between players. Gamers will be able to film and share tricks, as well as track each others progress through the game.

Producer Sid Misra said: "Street football is all about the one-on-one battle, when you pull off a trick to roast your opponent, the Street Network brings that real-world swagger into the game by enabling players to capture video of those moments and share them with everyone in their street network to see, and providing friends with a way to compare each other throughout the game."

Given that pulling off good tricks in FIFA is very satisfying, the chance to film and share impressive moves is likely to appeal to gamers; a cursory look at the amount of FIFA gameplay footage there is on sites like Youtube reveals a thriving community of gamers sharing their experiences. Capitalising on this enthusiasm looks like a smart move by EA as they look to expand this less popular branch of the FIFA brand.

FIFA Street

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