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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV's Shadowbringers expansion coming in July

A collaboration with Nier is expected with the new content, as well as plenty more shown off at the Fan Festival Paris.

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This past weekend Square Enix revealed that the Shadowbringers expansion for Final Fantasy XIV will be launching on July 2 this year, with pre-orders starting on February 6. That's not all though, as alongside that we also got a load of details about what's coming as well as a few new trailers to get us hyped.

This news was revealed at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Paris, and we'll be seeing a new job as part of the expansion. Gunbreaker is the name, and it's a gunblade-wielding warrior in a tank role, which you can see in the video at the bottom of this piece. This joins the playable race of Viera, which has long ears and is best-known from the world of Ivalice from Final Fantasy XII, again getting its own trailer.

What'll definitely be of interest to Nier fans though is that Yosuke Saito and Yoko Taro are coming on board for a raid called YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse. with unites the duo that developed the series. You can see a teaser image for this below:

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Alongside the new job, raid, and race though, we have the Trust System that allows players to tackle dungeons with familiar NPCs by their side, as well as new areas like Il Mheg and the Rak'tika Greatwood. The pixies and Titania are also coming on board as the new beast tribe and primal.

Even then that's not all though, as a crossover even between XIV and XV was unveiled at the Paris event too, with hero Noctis Lucis Caelum entering Hydaelyn to join the Warrior of Light in battle, a teaser trailer of which you can see below. This won't be coming with Shadowbringers though, as we can expect this in mid-April.


Those who want the full Shadowbringers package can get the Collector's Edition too, details of which have just been revealed. This will be available on the Square Enix store starting at 11:00 PT (19:00 GMT) and will include a special art box featuring illustration by Yoshitaka Amano; a figure of the Warrior of Darkness; an art book; a logo cling; playing cards; and exclusive in-game items like a Grani mount, wind-up Fran minion, and revolver Gunbreaker weapon.

What's more is that those who pre-order any edition of the expansion will receive exclusive in-game items as well, which will begin distribution on March 1. These include the Baby Gremlin minion and the Aetheryte earring which gives a 30% EXP increase up to level 70. Pre-ordering also lets users experience Shadowbringers early, scheduled for June 28.

Final Fantasy XIV's Starter Edition, including 30 days of subscription time, will be included with Twitch Prime starting today and running until May 3 too.

Between March 23 and 24 we can expect more details on the expansion at the Fan Festival in Tokyo, but for now there's plenty to see in the trailers alone.

What's the best part of Shadowbringers?


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