Mega Man Legacy Collection

First image of the new Mega Man TV series

This is what he'll look like in the animated TV show.

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As you might remember from last year, Capcom is working on an animated TV series based on Mega Man. It is being produced by Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Big Hero 6, Generator Rex), and who have now released the first image of the new Mega Man. The series is mainly aimed at kids from 6-9 years, but the producers says parents who grew up with Mega Man will enjoy it as well.

The focus of the storyline is Mega Man's alter-ego Aki Light who spends his days as a happy-go-lucky school boy, but can be transformed into a battle robot when there's need. Several famous characters from the video games will show up, amongst them Mega Mini.

The premiere is set for next year and planned to coincide with and the Mega Man 30th anniversary.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

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