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First screenshot of Yooka-Laylee with the N64 filter

The 64-Bit tonic is on the way.

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More than a year after the original release on PC and consoles, Playtonic still owes a few rewards to the backers that made the game possible, one of which is the Nintendo 64 game mode, a filter that basically alters the visuals of the game trying to suit the classic console's style, including open 3D environments, fewer polygons, and blurry textures.

The British team showed the first work-in-progress screenshot of Yooka-Laylee's '64-Bit' tonic (as it's officially known), and another image shows the same area taken with the original graphics so you can compare both modes, both of which you can see below:


Playtonic also wants you to know that Yooka-Laylee is 25% off on the Nintendo Switch eShop until Friday, so now might be the best time to invest if you haven't done so already.

Do you like the Nintendo 64 mode?


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