Lego Jurassic World

First trailer from Lego Jurassic World

Just a teaser, but it's jaw dropping. Playable dinosaurs confirmed.

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After some clear nods and rumours, Warner Bros. finally and officially announced Lego Jurassic World last week, surely another million-seller from TT Games, regardless of the quality of this summer's theatrical release.

Of course, older fans will be catered to regardless of how they feel about the new movie as the original trilogy is included in the Lego adventure.

While this debut teaser trailer does not contain any real in-game footage it keeps the trademark Lego sense of humour, and the official description already mentions two interesting new features: playable dinosaurs and customisable creatures.

"In Lego Jurassic World, players will be able to collect precious amber, which contains dinosaur DNA to create and customize species. And, for the first time in a Lego game, players will be able to play as Lego dinosaurs, including dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park series and from the upcoming Jurassic World film."


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