Florida Mayhem is Misfits' Overwatch League team

Coloured in yellow, red, and black.

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Blizzard has unveiled yet another Overwatch League team ahead of the inaugural season, and this time it's the Florida Mayhem taking the spotlight.

The team is owned by Misfits Gaming, and here's what CEO Ben Spoont had to say about the new roster: "We are excited to finally reveal Florida Mayhem. Our primary objective was and is to hit home with Floridians. Florida is an ebullient state full of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking people, values we share as a local company. We're excited to stand out among the rest and come in with a bang after such strong performances throughout the duration of Overwatch Contenders. We aim to make Florida proud with our explosive (pun intended) playstyle!"

As you can see from the logo below, the team's colours are yellow to represent the Florida sunshine, much like the flag of Orlando, as well as red, the colour of the Misfits roster. Black is also included as a homage to the Miami Heat, which has invested in Misfits Gaming, and the palm tree is a "common sight for Florida".

The Overwatch preseason kicks off on December 6, with the full season starting in January. How does Florida Mayhem compare to other teams we've seen?


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