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Fluxr partners with Tencent to promote mobile esports

As well as streaming of select games like PUBG Mobile.

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Live.me Inc., developer behind the broadcasting app LiveMe, has announced the launch of mobile gaming and esports streaming platform Fluxr, which aims to enhance experiences with mobile-specific features and gaming events, both online and offline. What's more is that they've also announced that they're teaming up with giants Tencent and PUBG to promote PUBG Mobile through in-app activations and esports tournaments.

"Gaming has become one of the top drivers of growth for LiveMe, so we saw an exciting opportunity to spin off the gaming channel into its own platform to give gamers and viewers a richer experience," said Yuki He, founder and CEO of Live.me Inc. "With the boom of mobile games and professional esports, we're leveraging our experience and resources in the live streaming space to deliver interactive user experiences and innovative new features through Fluxr."

Fluxr will highlight a number of mobile titles including PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Clash Royale, and lets players go live with the click of a button. Streamers are also able to earn money through the virtual gifting feature on the app, borrowed from LiveMe.

Furthermore Fluxr plans to form its very own esports league and host online and offline tournaments in SouthEast Asia and the USA, with the strategic partnership between Tencent and Fluxr no doubt helping them grow. Tencent itself also "plans to continue providing resources to jointly explore the live streaming and esports market for the mobile gaming industry with Fluxr as a key partner in North America," according to the press release.

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PUBG Mobile

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