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Football Manager 2013

FM 2013 was pirated more than 10 million times

Sports Interactive were able to track pirate activity, which lead to some baffling numbers.

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Miles Jacobsen, head of Sega's Sports Interactive studio and responsible for the Football Manager series, took to the stage at London Games Conference with some interesting revelations (via MCV.

When Football Manager 2013 was cracked the team responsible did not remove the tracking code put in place by Sports Interactive and so they could follow the extent of piracy their game suffered.

In total 10.1 million people downloaded the cracked version of the game. Of those 3.2 million lived in China, 1.05 million lived in Turkey and 781,785 resided in Portugal. There was even a cracked version downloaded in the Vatican State of all places (surely a tourist?).

While a pirated version of the game isn't equal to one lost sale, Jacobsen estimated they had lost approximately $3.7 million in revenue as a result of the piracy.

Football Manager 2013

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