Fnatic joins the Gfinity Elite Series

They'll be introduced in March for Season 3.

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Gfinity has announced that Fnatic will be joining the Elite Series for the third season, starting on March 2, and the organisation is the first new team to be announced as part of the expansion of the competition that sees the number of teams increase to 10. What's more is that Gfinity has only just announced that FIFA will be added to the lineup of games on offer, so there's an expansion in terms of games too.

"Having established the Elite Series as one of the leading esports tournaments in the world, we couldn't be more excited by expanding and bringing in a team of Fnatic's calibre," said Neville Upton, CEO of Gfinity. "With their inclusion, an already competitive roster and more announcements to come, this will be our most action-packed season to date."

Patrik Sättermon, CGO and Co-Owner of Fnatic, added: "We have followed the Elite Series closely for some time and have been thoroughly impressed, in terms of the tournament but also in both the professionalism and vision of Gfinity's team. The new opportunities for our existing FIFA and Rocket League rosters are very exciting and a return to the fighting game scene with Street Fighter V is something we very much look forward to."

Do you think Fnatic are a good addition to the lineup?

Fnatic joins the Gfinity Elite Series
Photo: Gfinity

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