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Football Manager 2013

Football Manager 1888?

Sports Interactive reveal standalone game. Maybe. Maybe not.

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Football Manager 1888 has just been announced. The fact that it's been done this morning, on April 1st, makes us suspect that Sports Interactive and Sega might be pulling our collective leg.

"This latest addition to the Football Manager family is so good, it's unreal. We've worked hard to recreate the excitement of Victorian football and the results have to be seen to be believed," said Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson, probably with his tongue firmly lodged in his cheek.

The game - if it really exists - will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Football League, and will (apparently) include a 19th Century match engine, a new UI, and original statistics from the era.

If you haven't guessed from the tone of the news piece, we're skeptical about this one...

Football Manager 2013
Football Manager 2013
Football Manager 2013

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