For Honor

For Honor adds Gryphon to its character roster

The axe-wielding hero is the 29th playable character in the game.

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For Honor has revealed a new playable hero that will be available in the game starting December 10. Gryphon looks to be an absolute beast in his reveal trailer, as he is seen headbutting enemies and then hacking them to pieces with his two-handed axe.

Gryphon is the 29th playable character to be included within the game and can be purchased as part of a pack for $7.99. As well as the new hero, the pack also includes an exclusive ornament, one Elite Outfit, three cates, and seven days of Champion Status.

Tomorrow at 9am PT, the developers will be offering a closer look at Gryphon on Twitch, so be sure to tune in if you're interested in finding out more.

A trailer which delves deeper into Gryphon's backstory can be watched below:

For Honor

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