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For Honor's The Year of the Harbinger Season Pass leaked

The Year 3 Season Pass has emerged prematurely on Amazon, detailing added content like new heroes, outfits, effects, and a lot more.

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A couple of months have passed since the Return of the Otherworld event landed in For Honor, and it's been just as long since Ubisoft teased The Year of the Harbinger for the first time, but now the Season Pass for Year 3 has showed up on Amazon a little bit earlier than scheduled, as you can see in the boxart below.

As shared over at ResetEra, the following months will see the game get even more heroes and outfits, as well as VIP access for buyers. Here's what the official description says is included:

"One week early access to 4 new Heroes coming in 2019, one from each faction - An Elite Outfit for all 4 Heroes - One exclusive Effect - 30 days Champion Status - 5 Scavenger Crates".

For Honor will turn two and thus enter its third year of life on February 14, having grown to 15 million players, so it's great news for fans that they're getting even more content next year.

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