Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 brings aliens, Rick and Morty, and Superman

Oh, and there are pilotable flying saucers.

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The Fortnite metaverse is a truly bizarre place. We've seen countless crossovers and appearances from major brands and characters, and now that Chapter 2 Season 7 has officially launched, we're privy to a bunch of new ones.

This latest season has brought aliens to the battle royale. These aliens are invading the island and abducting players willy-nilly with their flying saucers that can be commandeered by players to shoot, pick up, and toss objects around. Fortnite fans can also look to create their own alien with the customisable Kymera outfit that is part of the battle pass of this season.

With these newfound space-age foes, a bunch of new weapons have been introduced into the battle royale, including a pulse rifle and a ray gun, and players can now even build vaulted (unavailable) weapons by upgrading lootable gear using the nuts and bolts crafting material found on flying saucers.

Then, to really cap it all off, this season has introduced two new crossovers to help fight the aliens, in Superman and Rick and Morty. Superman and Rick will be wearable skins, whereas Morty comes in the form of a pickaxe, and resembles the Hammerhead Morty character that appeared in the show a few years ago.

You can check out the story trailer and the battle pass trailer for the new season below.


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