Fortnite is getting a Creative Mode

Update: Epic makes it official.

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Update: Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite Creative will launch alongside season 7 tomorrow if you own the Battle Pass. Everyone else will get access to it for free on December 13. You can watch the video showing off some of the things we'll be able to do in the video below.

Original Story:
So, Epic Games was set to announce some exciting Fortnite news at The Game Awards, a reveal which would have been followed by some YouTubers giving us a more in-depth look at said news.

But now it seems one of the YouTubers who got to visit Epic Games HQ for an exclusive look at the game, may have published his in-depth look a day or two too early.

The news concerned a new Creative Mode coming to Fortnite, and it was the Youtuber Lachlan who let slip the news too soon. He realised his mistake and removed the video, but you can never really remove anything from the internet, and so the information is still out there.

Players will soon be able to start their own servers and create their own world in a new creative mode where you can create, remove, delete and move stuff to your heart's content. The mode also features no-clip flying, so you can easily move around on the map. Several gameplay mechanics will also be made available so you'll be able to make different mini-games and play them with up to 15 other people. You can also fly around on your own and make a world limited only by your imagination.

According to Lachlan the mode will drop tomorrow, but that likely means Friday, as he was a little quick on the trigger. For more information about the mode, check out FortniteIntel.

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