Fortnite leak claims that an in-game Ariana Grande concert might be happening soon

It has allegedly already had its launch test.

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Fortnite's virtual concerts have been a pretty big success, drawing huge amounts of viewers and seeing more and more big name musical stars making appearances. It looks like the next artist who will be making their appearance in-game for a concert is Ariana Grande, as a recent batch of leaks have stated that the concert has already been tested, and that it will be "coming soon".

The leak comes from the FortniteLeaks subreddit, where a post titled "Big News Dump From A Leaker" states that Grande's in-game concert has already had its launch test completed by Epic staff.

The leaks also touch on some other major information that may be coming to Fortnite down the line. It states that Naruto, the anime, is looking to be the theme for the Season 8 battlepass, and that members of the Justice League and the Suicide Squad will be arriving in-game, although no mention to which characters will be appearing has been noted.

As these are all leaks, we will have to wait until Epic gives official confirmation to be certain, particularly about the Season 8 information.

Either way, would you like to see an Ariana Grande concert in Fortnite?

Image from the Travis Scott concert.

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