Fortnite's Cosmic Summer event takes players to the beach to welcome the alien overlords

The event is bringing new cosmetics and modes, and will be around until July 5.

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A few days ago, we reported that Fortnite would be getting a new Cosmic Summer event, and that more details would follow soon. Well, now we know what exactly this event will be, and it turns out the point of the event is for players to take to the beach to welcome the alien overlords that landed as part of Season 7.

Featuring a bunch of Creative Limited-Time Modes for players to enjoy, as well as new summer-themed cosmetics to get your hands-on, such as the Cloud Llama surfboard glider and Icy Pop Wrap weapon skin, the event is looking to be the ideal way to celebrate the season.

The Cosmic Summer event is live in-game today and will be around until July 5, and you can read more about it here, including exactly what new modes and cosmetics are available.

In other Fortnite news, the game also just received a new patch bringing changes to the effectiveness of the flying saucer vehicles, as well as introducing the Super Level Styles, which is a way to change the appearance of the new skins added as part of the latest Battle Pass, with a bit of extra "shine". You can give each skin a silver, gold or prismatic new look, and to find out how to do so, you'll have to complete the pass before you can complete the new challenges to unlock the cosmetic upgrade. Take a look at the latest patch notes here.


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