Fractured Space

Fractured Space is free on Steam this weekend

Players who jump in gain permanent access.

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The 5v5 capital space ship combat game Fractured Space is carefully maneuvering itself towards an Early Access exit on Steam, and as part of full launch preparations developers Edge Case Games are offering up a free weekend on Steam. Players who jump in will be granted permanent access to the game.

This week's update of the game also locks in the final design of the Tech Tree as "all ships, experience and credits unlocked from this point forward will be reflected in the final game".

"Today's update brings us one step closer to the full release of Fractured Space and we want to celebrate the game's progress by giving everyone a chance to play and own the game for free," said James Brooksby, CEO of Edge Case Games. "Whether you have played in the past or not, this is a great moment to start your adventure with Fractured Space, with a chance to make your mark as a new Captain on equal footing with all players."

Below is a new trailer from the game entitled "The Escape". Fractured Space will see full release at some point later this year.


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