Fractured Space

Fractured Space to get a beta on September 15

More details will be given at PAX West 2016.

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Edge Case Games today revealed that their team-based space game Fractured Space will get and official beta launch on September 15.

From September 2 to 5 PAX West 2016 will be taking place where more details will be given on the beta, as well as giving media and community members a chance to play the game as well.

The game has been in Early Access for two years, moving from a basic team match to a game with over 20 ships as well as other features like load outs, selectable crew members and a free-to-play economy. Over 600,000 players have joined the game so far and Edge Case Games assures fans it will keep evolving.

Fractured SpaceFractured SpaceFractured Space

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