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Fractured Space's receives a holiday update

It includes a free robot.

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Edge Case Games, the developer of the team-based space combat game Fractured Space, has announced that the game has launched a new Phase 2.0 game update. The update will be spread over two patches and will bring gameplay improvements and new content.

The gameplay improvements include faster and freer ship movement, a new crew implant system which allows for greater customisation, a first implementation of match drafting, and more.

Players can now modify individual crew members via implants, thus allowing greater customisation of ship function boosts. Edge Case Games have released have a tutorial video that shows the modifications and customisation.

There are new ways to earn Drop Pods that yield new items too, including rewards for daily logins and for co-op matches. As a holiday bonus, all players who log into Fractured Space between December 24 and January 2 will get Ru-T0lf, a special Christmas robot crew member, as well.

In terms of content the update brings a new ship, the TDS Aegis. The TDS Aegis ship is a heavy defence vessel designed to shield allies while simultaneously posing a significant threat to enemy ships.

There is also a unique chance for an expense-paid trip to the UK to design the ultimate ship skin while nabbing great hardware prizes from Alienware and Roccat. Complete update details can be found in the Phase 2.0 update patch notes.

Fractured Space is available on PC now, and you can watch a tutorial video for customisation here. Which bit of the update are you most pleased by?

Fractured Space

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