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Fragments of Him

Fragments of Him - a game about "overcoming loss"

We talk about to Mata Haggis about the story-focused adventure that just launched on Steam.

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We caught up with Mata Haggis to talk about a game that deals with loss, and allows the player to find out the impact one person's sudden death has on friends and family, and how they go on with their lives. It's an adventure that focus on the narrative and offers a slow pace that's primed for comtemplation.

"Fragments of Him is very much a game about love," says Haggis. "It's about memories, it's about hope. As you mention it is partly about loss, but it's actually about overcoming loss. It's about coming to terms with these things. It's really about embracing the moments in your life that you have, the seconds you have with the people you care about."

Fragments of Him just launched this week on Steam, and will launch soon on Xbox One.

Fragments of Him

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