Microsoft Flight Simulator

France and Benelux next in line for Microsoft Flight Simulator updates

The new locations are planned to be released in March.

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Asobo Studios and Microsoft had a Q&A on Twitch where they had plenty to say about their masterpiece Microsoft Flight Simulator. As you might remember, both Japan and the US have gotten fairly massive upgrades, and next in line is UK (fast forward in the link above to 23 minutes for a sneak preview). While this update still doesn't have a set release date, they narrowed it down to between February 9-11.

So what's next then? It turns out it is home advantage for the French developer Asobo Studios, as France and Benelux are next in line to be updated. This one is planned to be released in March. France has quite the few magnificent spots to fly over and we really look forward to do so later this spring.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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